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VFX Tutorial: Creating A Realistic Forest Fire In After Effects

VFX Tutorial: Creating A Realistic Forest Fire In After Effects

Learn how to create a massive forest fire with ActionVFX stock footage in After Effects.

Learning how to wield fire VFX stock footage can make all the difference to your scene. For example, take this nature scenery below, and see what is possible with the compositing techniques learned from this tutorial in under 15 minutes.
Ignace Aleya will take you through the details into creating this fiery shot, from adding a sense of depth and compositing VFX elements in the environment to the fire-orange color correction.

This After Effects Fire Tutorial covers:

  • Tracking the clean footage
  • Masking/tracking specific trees, bushes, & more to add depth to the scene
  • Color correcting the scene to an orange tint & creating realistic fire glow
  • Compositing Smoke VFX
  • Compositing Fire VFX
  • Compositing Fire Embers
For more detail on the fire stock footage and their specs, you can view our Fire Category.

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