VFX Hangout - Special Guest Wren Weichman from Corridor Digital

VFX Hangout - Special Guest Wren Weichman from Corridor Digital

November 25, 2022
Jonathan Fields

In this episode of the VFX Hangout livestream, we welcome Wren Weichman from Corridor Digital.

We're back again with another exciting VFX Hangout. Our guest: Wren Weichman from Corridor Digital.

He is a director and lead VFX artist at Corridor Digital. With over 2 billion worldwide video views, 15 million+ subscribers, and average monthly viewership of 70 million, Corridor Digital is one of the most popular channels on YouTube.

Weichman discussed his work at Corridor Digital, what goes into creating some of their viral YouTube videos, and how using ActionVFX assets makes it all possible. This is a rare opportunity to get an inside look at the creative process of one of the most innovative studios in the industry, so don't miss it!

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