VFX Breakdown | Creating a Sci-Fi Space Scene Using Stock Footage

VFX Breakdown | Creating a Sci-Fi Space Scene Using Stock Footage

November 16, 2022
David Lugo

In this VFX Breakdown, I'll show you how I created a spaceship flyby scene using ActionVFX Collections in After Effects and Maxon's Cinema4D.

As a VFX artist, you often have to work with what you have on hand. But that doesn't mean you can't create amazing results with the right tools and resources.

In this video, we'll show you how to use ActionVFX Collections and Maxon's Cinema4D to create a sci-fi scene in Adobe After Effects. So let's take off, shall we? 🚀

This After Effects breakdown will cover:

  • How to create a space scene from scratch using ActionVFX Elements.
  • A brief look at using Cinema 4D, and Redshift for rendering the 3D Spaceship.
  • Tips on how to best composite a space scene.
  • How to use After Effects' Cineware plugin to bridge a Cinema 4D scene to After Effects.

ActionVFX Collections Used:

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