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VEGAS Pro 18 Released: Everything VFX Artists & Filmmakers Should Know

VEGAS Pro 18 Released: Everything VFX Artists & Filmmakers Should Know

Here are the new features of VEGAS Pro 18 that VFX artists and filmmakers should know about.

MAGIX has released VEGAS Pro 18, and it will change the NLE landscape for filmmakers and VFX artists alike. VEGAS Pro 18 incorporates new features that make it the most well-rounded it has ever been in video, audio, and visual effects editing — and ActionVFX plays a part.

VEGAS Pro 18 uses the power of AI, a more flexible interface, advanced audio editing, hardware acceleration, and much more. All of these new features provide you with an enhanced workflow while editing.
Here are quick summarized features to help guide you on what's new and what has been improved to aid your post-production work, as well as how ActionVFX is helping VEGAS Pro 18 users venture into deeper VFX compositing.

What's New in VEGAS Pro 18

  • AI-assisted editing that will efficiently apply style transfers to your edits.
  • GPU hardware acceleration that creates stability, faster rendering, and smoother playback.
  • A more advanced Color Grading Panel that offers ultimate control and precision. Also available in HDR edits.
  • A new easy-to-use Motion Tracking Panel to transfer motion tracking information directly to plug-ins with positional awareness.
  • A smoother media management experience with Vegas Prepare. Available in October for free in the Pro, 365, and Suite.
  • Precision audio editing with SOUND FORGE Pro 14, utilized as a "seamless round-trip edit" from the timeline.
  • In the Suite version, your visual effects editing is accompanied by ActionVFX stock footage, Boris FX, and more.

The Vegas Pro Suite has 26 of our VFX elements to aid your VFX edits, right there inside your timeline. Filmmakers and video editors that are looking to be more involved in the visual effects side of post-production now have the perfect opportunity with Vegas Pro Suite.

For more detail into each feature that VEGAS Pro 18 brings to your video editing and how ActionVFX elements bring VFX to the timeline, be sure to read more on their site.

If you're interested to see more ActionVFX products that can be dragged and dropped into your VEGAS timeline, you can view our VFX library here.

Will you be picking up VEGAS Pro 18? Let us know how you use our VFX elements inside VEGAS!

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