Tutorial: Learn How To Create Fiery Meteors In After Effects

Tutorial: Learn How To Create Fiery Meteors In After Effects

June 4, 2020
Cody Vineyard

Learn how to create meteors falling from the sky with Trapcode Particular.

Wanting to learn how to take out the dinosaurs again? In this tutorial, our Lead Product Designer Zac Vanhoy will show you how to use Red Giant's After Effects plugin Trapcode Particular to create a cinematic meteor VFX shot.
Meteor Breakdown
This is part two of our meteor tutorial, wherein the first one we utilized the Large Scale Dust Waves and their multi-channel EXR render passes to create surface impacts for the falling meteors. You can watch the first one here.

This After Effects compositing tutorial covers:

  • Using 3D Lights to build a path for the meteor
  • Using Trapcode Particular for the fire and smoke
  • Creating custom fire & smoke particles
  • Controlling the meteor life as it fades through the atmosphere
  • Using mattes to blend the meteor impacting the surface
  • Creating reflections on the ground and water
This tutorial showcases meteors that go perfectly with our Large Scale Dust Waves or any of our Explosion VFX stock footage. When a meteor falls, it needs somewhere to land, right?

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