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Tutorial: How To Use Free Camera Shake Presets In After Effects, Premiere, & More

Tutorial: How To Use Free Camera Shake Presets In After Effects, Premiere, & More

Here's how to use our free camera shake presets in any software.

From installing the presets into After Effects to creating a finished shot, we walk you through using our free Camera Shake Presets to easily give your scene a newfound sense of energy.

The best part about this free collection is that it is not limited to just Adobe After Effects or Premiere Pro. You can download individual clips to track yourself depending on your need and software, all for free.

Creating Camera Shake Effects

This Camera Shake Tutorial Covers:

  • How to add the camera shake presets to your effects & presets
  • Creating a null object and applying the preset to the null (and not the footage!)
  • Parenting the footage to the null, matching the clip to the movement of the camera shake preset
  • Fixing edge cut-off through scale, motion tiles effect, & more
  • Stacking multiple presets
  • Using the camera shake presets in Premiere Pro via Dynamic Link

Camera shake can be the finishing touches on a scene that doesn't quite have the energy and excitement that you feel it needs. Luckily, even when shooting with steady hands or a tripod, camera shake techniques and presets are always available to utilize in post-production!

If you haven't already, download our free Camera Shake Presets here!

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