Tito Fernandes' VFX and Filmmaking background makes KIDDO the perfect action adventure thriller

Tito Fernandes' VFX and Filmmaking background makes KIDDO the perfect action adventure thriller

November 1, 2018
Jamie Dalusio

VFX Supervisor, Tito Fernandes sat down with us and gave us an inside look on how KIDDO was made.

It all started six years ago when my brother and I started KIDDO as a feature film idea. As more thought went into it, I began to realize that we couldn't afford it. It went from being a feature film idea to a short film until finally becoming a teaser, something I felt comfortable tackling on my own if needed.

KIDDO is a sci-fi coming-of-age story about corporate espionage, robot warfare, betrayal, murder and revenge. It is an action adventure thriller about Kim, a runaway orphan in chase of her stained past after witnessing her father’s murder as a little girl. Discovering what he left behind for her protection, she misuses it to seek revenge whilst unaware of doing the world a favor with the help of her sidekicks, a pet monkey named Gizmo, and giant robot buddy named Kiddo.
The teaser trailer's primary objectives are not only to test audiences in how they respond to the overall visual narrative idea. It is also being used as a pitching tool for its future ambitions as a feature film, by giving a taster for what the world, setting and characters are and might become.

Three years later I decided it was time to hit the ground running. I spent five months preparing a two-day shoot, one week of editing, and then a massive two years of post-production. Because of this, the team quickly went global as I needed more and more skilled and willing artists. But even that wasn't enough. With the project being 75% CG, we knew the other 25% needed to be more realistic.

Being a long runner in VFX, ActionVFX elements are pretty much part of most companies' vocabulary. Mixing their beautifully shot REAL stock footage elements pushed us over that threshold of high-end film quality results, all while on a shoestring budget.

Through perseverance and belief, the team pulled it off, not short of a miracle. I'm incredibly grateful to them all, as well as digital tools like ActionVFX to make a dream come true.
We would like to give a big shout out to VFX Supervisor Tito Fernandes for taking the time to tell us the story of how KIDDO was made!

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