The Top 5 Best ActionVFX Tutorials You Don't Want To Miss | ActionVFX

The Top 5 Best ActionVFX Tutorials You Don't Want To Miss

The Top 5 Best ActionVFX Tutorials You Don't Want To Miss

We've compiled a list of our five most popular tutorials that will help you grow your VFX skillset.

With the plethora of online learning resources and VFX tutorials, you can find and achieve almost anything you see in your mind's eye.

Our YouTube channel is one of those outlets and is sought out daily by VFX artists and filmmakers around the world. It's full of valuable tutorials, from removing the background on stock footage to more advanced VFX compositing. 

In this roundup, we're giving you our top five best tutorials that you do not want to miss! Set some time aside for yourself and join the thousands of others who learn valuable tips and techniques from our tutorials!

1. How To Composite Atmospheric Smoke In After Effects

This After Effects Tutorial Focuses On:
  • How to Composite Smoke in After Effects
  • How to Composite Fog in After Effects
  • Adding light to Atmospheric Smoke or Fog
Compositing low-lying fog or atmospheric smoke (and many times both) is one of the quickest ways to shift the atmosphere and tone of your scene.

Here, we have an average shot of a woman walking through the woods. With a bit of VFX compositing, the atmosphere completely flips into something more interesting!

2. How To Burn Down A House In After Effects

This After Effects Tutorial Focuses On:
  • How to Composite Structure Fire stock footage
  • Composite fire to the door, ceiling, and two walls
  • Composite additional oil stains and orange glow
This list would not be complete without Fire VFX! And wanting to burn a house down is something all VFX artists have dreamed about!

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to effectively composite Structure Fire stock footage, utilize various techniques to up the realism, and more.

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3. How To Use OpenEXR Render Passes In After Effects

This After Effects Tutorial Focuses On:
  • How to use the Depth Pass
  • How to use the Normal Pass
  • How to blend the Ground Edge
  • How to add burn marks to the ground
EXR passes are incredibly useful — if you know how to use them. In this tutorial, we show you the ways to use multi-channel EXRs in a scene.

We're using our Ground Bursts elements in this video, but these techniques will apply for all multi-channel OpenEXR files.

4. Change Day to Night In One Minute In After Effects

This After Effects Tutorial Focuses On:
  • Turning a shot from day to night
  • Utilizing Lumetri Color & Hue/Saturation effects
  • Using masks to replace the sky
  • Compositing a new sky to fit your scene
One of the most common questions asked by VFX artists and filmmakers alike. How can I change my scene that is shot in the day to night? We answer this question for you in one minute.

5. How To Cut Off A Head In After Effects

This After Effects Tutorial Focuses On:
  • Filming separate takes on green screen & blending them into one scene
  • Tracking the neck of the decapitated body with Mocha
  • Adding blood spray to the forehead and shirt of the machete wielder
  • Using the After Effects plugin Lockdown
  • Compositing Severed Neck & Limbs assets to the decapitated body
  • Compositing Blood Hit assets to the machete impact
  • Compositing Blood Splatter assets on the walls
Creating realistic blood and gore shots can make or break your action scene that involves injuries or fatalities. By using these green screen and VFX stock footage techniques, you will be well on your way to crafting a life-like scene.

BONUS: How To Composite Muzzle Flashes And More

This After Effects Tutorial Focuses On:
  • Compositing Muzzle Flashes, Smoke, & Bullet Shells
  • Use curve & tint effects to warm up the flash
  • Simulating light casting from the flash
  • Using Mocha for tracking
  • Adding blinking eye reactions to the gunshots
Your gunfight scenes can be rather dull if it is not equipped with appropriate muzzle flashes and smoke. Turn mundane gunfight footage into a sense of all-out war.

We hope you enjoyed this curated list of our best performing tutorials. Along with these tutorials above, there are plenty of others to watch! We cover software such as After Effects, Premiere, Nuke, Fusion, Resolve, and more.

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