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The 7 Coolest VFX Breakdowns of 2016

The 7 Coolest VFX Breakdowns of 2016

See some of the work that went into our favorite movies of the year

2016 has arguably been the best year to be in the VFX industry. As the year slowly comes to a close we thought it’d be cool to put together a list of our favorite VFX breakdowns from 2016. 

#1: Deadpool

Created by Atomic Fiction
In modern cinema it’s not uncommon for a VFX house to have to create an entire fantasy world from scratch, and that’s exactly what Atomic Fiction did for Deadpool. By compositing 3D elements, particles, and green screen plates together they were able to create a virtual world that looks photo realistic.

#2: Ghostbusters

Created by Zero VFX
Despite having the luxury of a partially-completed set, Zero VFX went above and beyond with their work in Ghostbusters. By using a combination of practical on-set lighting and reference characters, VFX artists at Zero were able to craft one of the best monsters in Ghostbusters. You’ll also notice how much character work went into creating the fictional subway world.

Ghostbusters Before and After Reel from ZERO VFX on Vimeo.

#3: Ben-Hur

Created by Mr. X
While ticket sales for Ben-Hur fell a little short one thing is for sure, the VFX certainly did not. In their epic compositing work the team at Mr. X created a fictional world by creating 3D virtual set extensions. It’s interesting to note how large the practical sets were for Ben-Hur.

#4: Independence Day: Resurgence

Created by Trixtor
The practical effects from the original Independence Day are some of the best effects work in film history. Who can forget the White House destruction scene? So when it came time for the sequel expectations were high. The team at Trixtor went above and beyond with their VFX work by crafting some of the best particle work ever seen on screen.

#5: Fathers and Daughters

Created by EDI
It’s easy to look at flashy VFX work and praise it’s beauty, yet sometimes it’s the simple, unseen effects that make the biggest difference. In this breakdown created by EDI, we get a glimpse into the subtle, yet beautiful set extension work created for Fathers and Daughters. Notice how the background movements match that of the camera.

#6: Cafe Society

Created by Brainstorm Digital
When you think of amazing VFX work, Cafe Society probably didn’t come to your mind, but to skip this impressive VFX reel would be a mistake. When tasked with creating set extensions for Cafe Society, the team at Brainstorm Digital put together a brilliant array of set extensions and object removal. 

#7: Hardcore Henry

Created by CGF
As one of the most creative films of 2016, Hardcore Henry placed the audience at the center of the action. The result is a smooth blend of VFX and choreography. This breakdown from CGF shows us how subtle effects can make all of the difference.

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