10 epic movies 2017

Ten Movies with Epic VFX That should not be ignored

Ten Movies with Epic VFX That should not be ignored

2017 has already given us some awesome movies with impressive VFX, but we are just getting started. Here are my top 10 movies to get excited about--if not for the story, then for the awesome visual effects that will surely be displayed.

Alien Covenant
Ridley Scott is back with another epic installment in the Alien saga. By the looks of the trailers, this movie promises to be one of the most terrifying Alien movies to date. In typical Ridley Scott fashion, we can count on seeing that unique blend of epic practical and visual effects.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales
Industrial Light and Magic broke new ground with the second Pirates of the Caribbean movie by making motion capture suits that actors could wear on set while performing, as opposed to a specific motion capture stage.

This allowed for a far more realistic effect for Davey Jones and his crew of sea monsters. The newest Pirates movie looks to be chock full of explosive effects, plenty of motion capture, and by the looks of the trailers, we will get to see a younger version of Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow.

The Mummy
Tom Cruise stars in the latest Mummy remake, and it looks to be an entertaining ride full of excitement and terror. The Mummy herself looks to have a fair amount of CGI enhancement to create the four-eyed monster, and if you like particle systems and atmospheric effects, this movie is sure to satisfy.

Transformers: The Last Knight
The giant transforming robots are back to destroy the world as we know it.... again. Say what you will about how most of the Transformers movies don’t have very significant plots, but the VFX that make these movies come alive is absolutely breathtaking.

This movie looks to have the typical Michael Bay treatment applied to every scene, making it one to keep your eyes on the lookout for this summer.

Spiderman: Homecoming
The Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to grow and make movies bigger and better with more impressive VFX. After seeing a glimpse of Marvel’s new take on the webbed hero in Captain America: Civil War, I don’t think I have been as excited about a Spiderman solo film as I am for this one.

Plenty of epic visual effects and superhero goodness to get excited about, making this an absolute must see movie!

I always get excited about any Christopher Nolan film. Not only does he create movies with captivating stories, but his mix of practical and visual effects have successfully created masterful visuals that complement the complicated storylines of his films.

Dunkirk appears to have that same flare we can expect from Christopher Nolan, and I suspect we will see some Oscar nominations for this movie.

War of the Planet of the Apes
The Planet of the Apes series has been instrumental in perfecting performance capture technology. Andy Serkis, who is perhaps the best in the business at mo-cap, stars as the beloved Caesar, leading an army of CGI animals that look absolutely incredible on screen. For no other reason, watch this movie for the incredible photorealistic visual effects.

The Dark Tower
Based off of a Steven King novel, The Dark Tower promises to be full of intense fight scenes and scary moments in typical Steven King fashion. By the looks of the trailer, we can expect to see some top notch VFX and CGI work to create the final look of the movie.

Justice League
Zack Snyder is back in the director chair with another installment in the DC comic universe. Justice League looks to have every bit of action and excitement as the previous films in the franchise. Probably one of the most exciting things for me is the new Flash character played by Ezra Miller.

The effects and CGI that go into creating the speedster, are several cuts above CW’s already cool-looking Flash, so I’m pumped to see this character come to life on screen in a new and epic way.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi
Concluding this line up of amazing movies, is the next Star Wars movie. That really is all that needs to be said. Not only are we super excited about the awesome effects that are sure to come with another ILM driven film, but the creativity that director Rian Johnson will bring to the table has me particularly interested.

Here’s hoping they keep the awesome mix of practical and visual effects that The Force Awakens so beautifully crafted on screen.

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