Render EXR Passes Like A Pro | Cinema 4D | ActionVFX

Render EXR Passes Like A Pro | Cinema 4D

Render EXR Passes Like A Pro | Cinema 4D

Learn how to render a multi-pass in no time with our new tutorial!

The multi-pass system in Cinema 4D (C4D) can seem daunting from afar, but once you dive into the world of passes with us in this new tutorial, you'll wield this skill like the VFX professionals.

The purpose of rendering an EXR multi-pass is the ability to edit and make adjustments to your chosen scene after you render from C4D. ActionVFX Instructor Lendon Bracewell will take you step by step in mastering the art of the EXR multi-pass!

Let's get to work!

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This Cinema 4D tutorial will cover: 
  • What is a multi-pass?
  • How to navigate the multi-pass render settings
  • Creating a multi-pass After Effects composition from C4D
  • How to render passes such as Depth, Motion Blur, Shadow, and more
We hope you enjoyed this tutorial and were able to learn something new within Cinema 4D.

Some of our assets also include render passes, such as our Exploding Debris Volume 2 Collection and our Ground Cracks Volume 2 to name a couple. 

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