Vfx breakdowns 2017

Our Favorite VFX Breakdowns of 2017

Our Favorite VFX Breakdowns of 2017

As you might have guessed, we watch a lot of movies here at ActionVFX, and of course after the movies are over - the BTS footage and VFX breakdowns! Our team was more than impressed with television and film this year, so each of us picked a breakdown we were really blown away by.

Game of Thrones: The Loot Train Attack

Our Founder & CEO, Rodolphe, doesn't even watch Game of Thrones, but the buzz over this particular episode was so strong he felt the need to check it out for himself.  "The most amazing thing about this scene is the fact that this is a TV show!" he said, awestruck. "An HBO TV show, but still, it's not like they're spending hundreds of millions per episode. This is a perfect example of how beneficial it is when special effects and visual effects work together to achieve a common goal."

Kong: Skull Island

Luke, Manager of Operations, is a fan of giant monster films so this was right up his alley. "I think that everyone can agree that the evolution of Kong (pun intended) has come a very long way over the past 80+ years," he praised. "That little clay furball snatching airplanes out of the sky simply can’t hold a candle to a massive photo-realistic creature that makes me feel things."


Marketing Manager Joe loves invisible VFX and being blown away by how intricate they can get.  "Mindhunter really hit the nail on the head for me this year!" he gushed. "David Fincher shows his obsessive attention to every detail in this crime drama. I think he really utilizes CGI in the opposite direction of what most other directors go in."


Our Marketing Designer, Andie, recently marathoned the first season of Westworld and was enthralled the whole time. "I know the show came out last year, but this breakdown came out in October so I think it still counts," she reasoned. "Overall, this show is incredible. A lot more than I realized was VFX work too. I was really impressed with the younger face model they made for one of the characters and how well it matched. Before the breakdown, I just assumed it was really good makeup."


Another fan of invisible VFX, our Content Creator, Gabe, went with this Marvel film. "I came across this VFX breakdown of Logan and was pretty blow away," he commented. "When watching this film, a lot of these things I didn't even think about. This is CGI done correctly, and there's also some pretty sweet set extension in there too."

Overall, 2017 was a great year for VFX breakdowns and we're pumped to see all the new ones awaiting us in 2018!

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