Nuke CG and DEEP Compositing Workshop + Free Assets For Your VFX & Showreel!

Nuke CG and DEEP Compositing Workshop + Free Assets For Your VFX & Showreel!

Join Hugo Guerra, Director and VFX Supervisor, as he composites an incredible CG shot inside Nuke.

In this Foundry NukeX workshop, Hugo Guerra takes you step by step in compositing a CG shot using DEEP renders and our new Crowd VFX stock footage.

He will cover topics like ACES, DEEP, CG compositing, live-action integration, conforming, and finishing in Foundry's Nuke.

It's a near three-hour live workshop, so we encourage you to break it up into parts when you have time, so bookmark this article! It's full of tips and techniques that you'll want to use moving forward. You can download the free assets to follow along before starting!

Free Assets To Download

Do you need high-quality free assets for your VFX or a compositing showreel? Below you have the link to a free CG render created by Hugo's Desk and CG Rockstar that you can also use to follow along with Hugo in the above workshop video!

These renders are for non-commercial use only. They can be used on your private showreel or for academic purposes in tutorials, schools, or universities.

We're super excited that we got to play a part in this informative workshop. If you haven't yet, be sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel!

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