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New Snow and Cold Breath VFX Elements are Now Available

New Snow and Cold Breath VFX Elements are Now Available

Our brand new Weather Category is HERE! It includes over 100 new VFX elements with plenty of variety.

Today we are excited to announce the release of our brand new Weather Category. If you're looking for a cold tundra scene or just looking to create a Winter Wonderland for holiday commercials, our Weather Category has it all!

During preparation for the new Weather Category, we knew we wanted to start this off with a bang! So we put together three amazing High-Quality VFX stock footage Collections for its launch. These Collections consist of Windy Snow, Falling Snow,and Cold Breath.
ActionVFX is always seeking out suggestions from the VFX Community and we made sure to apply what we learned to this new category. Both Windy Snow and Falling Snow are offered in a Bird's Eye View and can be seen from the very first fall. They also offer a variety in sizes of each snow flake to add more options to your scene.
And to top it off, both Collections were shot in 6K at 60fps on the RED Weapon Helium 8K Camera, giving you great snow VFX at a high-dynamic range!
The new Weather Category offers our new Cold Breath Collection on top of the Snow Collections. Delivered in 2K/4K at 60fps, this Collection is perfect for adding the small details to every cold scene.

The Weather Category is loaded with great visual effects stock footage collections! Head on over and see what we're talking about!

Windy Snow and Falling Snow Collection Specs:
  • 41 Windy Snow & 33 Falling Snow VFX Elements
  • Offered in Birds-Eye View, Close Up, Medium, and Wide Angles
  • Delivered in 2K and 4K/6K Pro Resolution at 60fps
  • Formats: 10-Bit ProRes 422 HQ (2K and 4K) and the raw 6K .R3D file.
  • Color Space: DRAGONcolor2
  • Camera: RED Weapon Helium 8K
Cold Breath Collection Specs:
  • 30 Cold Breath VFX elements
  • 20 front-facing and 10 side angle shots
  • Delivered in 2K and 4K Resolution at 60fps
  • Formats: 12-Bit ProRes 4444 with Alpha (2K and 4K)
  • Color Space: DRAGONcolor2
  • Camera: RED Weapon Helium 8K
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