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Learn How To Use EXR Files Like The Pros | AE Quick Tips Tutorial

Learn How To Use EXR Files Like The Pros | AE Quick Tips Tutorial

Here's how to take advantage of the render passes in an EXR file.

What makes EXR files so great, you might ask? EXR files can store multiple render passes in a single file. The render passes give VFX artists the option to change the clip in ways that would be impossible if it wasn't an EXR file!

Zac, our Lead Product Designer, is taking you through the steps on how to composite an Aerial Explosion EXR file into a scene using its render passes. The EXR file contains passes such as smoke and fire masks, light passes, and motion vectors.
We have discussed how to get started with EXR files in After Effects already, and if you haven't watched it yet, you can do so by following this link to the video.

This tutorial covers:

  • Using the EXtractoR effect to access render passes
  • Using the smoke & fire masks, light passes, & motion vectors
  • Matching the lighting on the explosion to the environment
  • Using the render passes to create smoke-only explosions
  • Using the motion vectors pass to add motion blur
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