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Tutorial: How to Composite Explosions and Debris Elements

Compositing elements into a background plate can be easily done, but compositing them to look like the entire shot was captured in one, realtime frame is a whole different ball game. Lendon Bracewell dominates this tutorial by showing us how to achieve a seamless blend of our elements using any scene you choose to shoot.

Tutorial: How to Composite Fire, Sparks, and Smoke Elements

Have you ever been curious about the various tips and tricks all the talented VFX artists out there put into making a composition look so believable? Well, our talented compositor, Lendon Bracewell hits the ground running in this tutorial on how to composite Fire, Sparks, and Smoke Elements into a scene.

Are Movies the Highest Form of Art? 5 Reasons Why I Think, “Yes.”

Art is a broad term that through the centuries has meant many different things to different people and is interpreted differently by the individuals whom it was created to impress. Art transcends cultures, time, and language. So when considering that movies may in fact be the highest form of art, I want to be clear that I am not suggesting that the work of famous ancient painters or composers pales in comparison to the latest hit at the box office. Not at all.

Make Awesomeness Out of Nothing: Getting Creative on a Budget

If you are an independent filmmaker or VFX artist, you know the challenges that comes with trying to put together an action scene or dynamic shot. Once you settle on a story, concept, or scenario, that deadly word often creeps into the brain: budget.

The Future of VFX: Sci-Fi Becomes Reality

Since the genesis of filmmaking, visual effects have evolved to meet the bigger visions of directors and studios and the growing expectations of movie goers. The industry has been a public display of technology, science, and art for well over 40 years.

Stock Footage: The Ultimate Time Saver

Movies have relied on strong visual effects for well over 40 years, and with every technological advancement, VFX studios are constantly pressured into making bigger and better effects.

10 Must-Watch VFX Reels and Breakdowns

Every once in a while visual effects studios out-do themselves and “wow” audiences with breathtaking VFX and stunning immersive environments. Check out these 10 inspiring VFX breakdowns.