Just released! Sniper Scope Overlays & Eye Textures VFX Collections

Just released! Sniper Scope Overlays & Eye Textures VFX Collections

The new collections keep coming! New for you today: Sniper Scope Overlays & Eye Textures!

Our mission to support VFX artists means providing the best stock footage assets and building the world's largest VFX stock footage library. By the end of 2022, we will have released over 40 new collections, so today is a day to celebrate another step toward our goal!

We’re proud to present: Sniper Scope Overlays and Eye Textures!

Presenting: Sniper Scope Overlays | Download Now!

Sniper Scope Overlays Collection Specs:

  • 20 8K gun scope overlays
  • 8K overlays for snipers, assault rifles, and more
  • Scope vignettes included for full-screen effects
  • Red illumination pass included for rifle scopes
  • Resolution: 8K (8192x8192)
  • Format: 16-bit PNG
  • Color Space: sRGB

The Sniper Scope Overlays Collection is the best set of scope overlays for modern guns, but they can also be used with older models. These overlays were designed with modern scopes in mind and provide a much-needed option that VFX Artists haven’t had. They work well for Sniper Rifles, hunting rifles, and any other gun that has a scope.

The "Rifle Scope" (as opposed to "Sniper Scope") overlays also include an illumination pass that allows the user to highlight the center elements in red, just like in real scopes. The textures are 8K, so you can zoom in without losing detail. With both the Scopes and the Vignettes, you have everything you need for creating a "look through the scope" type of shot.

Presenting: Eye Textures | Download Now!

Eye Textures Collection Specs:

  • 27 eye textures for eye replacements
  • Human, Animal, and Sci-Fi Eyes included
  • Different eye colors included for maximum variation
  • Easily change colors with a hue adjustment
  • Resolution: 2K (2048x2048)
  • Format: 16-bit PNG
  • Color Space: sRGB

The Eye Textures Collection is a versatile set of textures that can be used for eye replacements on people, animals, and creatures of any kind. This collection contains both realistic human and animal eyes, as well as fantasy/sci-fi eyes, giving you plenty of options to choose from.

You can easily customize the eye colors on all assets to better suit your vision by simply adjusting the hue. Whether you're looking for a more natural appearance or something a little more flashy, this option gives you the freedom to create the perfect look for your project!

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