Just released! Flying Birds, Bugs, & Bullet Shells Vol. 2 VFX Collections | ActionVFX

Just released! Flying Birds, Bugs, & Bullet Shells Vol. 2 VFX Collections

Just released! Flying Birds, Bugs, & Bullet Shells Vol. 2 VFX Collections

New stock footage collections are now available for March!

In our world, we are often asked to develop effects that are not only believable but also necessary to the story. These suggestions come from the artists in our community and we want you to know; we’re listening! With that being said, we would like to present this month’s product releases: Flying Birds, Bugs, & Bullet Shells Vol. 2.

Presenting: Flying Birds | Download Now!

Flying Birds Collection Specs:

  • 32 Clips of birds flying
  • Clips include various patterns & movements of flight pattern
  • Multiple amounts of birds in each clip
  • Various distances & camera angles included
  • Available in 2K and 4K resolutions
  • Alpha Channel included

As part of our new Animals category, our Flying Birds Collection is perfect for use with any scene that requires birds. With 32 different clips that feature birds flying far away, close up, and even circling overhead, you have the options you need for your haunted castle or busy city park scene. Finally, this collection does include an Alpha Channel, so you can adjust the asset to fit your scene perfectly.

Presenting: Bugs | Download Now!

Bugs Collection Specs:

  • 26 clips of bugs flying and crawling 
  • Various types of bugs: including flies, butterflies, ants, & roaches
  • Effect stays in the frame completely.
  • Various bug movements: including forming a line, swarming, & flying in a set path
  • Available in 2K and 4K resolutions
  • Alpha Channel included

The Bugs Collection is a flexible collection to use whether you just need a few bugs in the scene or an entire swarm. With 26 clips that include different insects from flies to roaches, you will have plenty to work with. This collection is perfect if your scene requires flies swarming around a dead body or adding some magic to your enchanted forest with some butterflies. Plus much more! With the Alpha Channel included, you have everything you need to fit these assets to your composition.

Presenting: Bullet Shells Vol. 2 | Download Now!

Bullet Shells Vol. 2 Collection Specs:

  • 42 real bullet shells
  • Variety of 14 different shell casings: including 9mm to .223 rifle
  • Clips are easy to loop
  • .50 caliber casings and shotgun shells included
  • 2K and 4K resolutions are available
  • Alpha Channel included

The highly-requested Bullet Shells Vol. 2 Collection meets the need for multiple firearms that you need in your scene. This collection includes 42 real bullet shells, ranging from 9mm to.223 casings that are easy to loop for whatever length you need for your composition. Finally, with the Alpha Channel included, these assets are ready to be blasted into your firefight.

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