Introduction to Rotoscoping in Nuke

Introduction to Rotoscoping in Nuke

June 21, 2022
Jonathan Fields

In this tutorial, we will show you how to establish a good workflow when rotoscoping in The Foundry’s Nuke.

When it comes to rotoscoping, setting up a good workflow is critical. Having a good workflow will help you overcome common obstacles in rotoscoping and ensure that you keep a steady pace throughout the process. 

In today’s intro tutorial, we will explain the basic workflow we use when rotoscoping in The Foundry’s Nuke. While Nuke will be our featured program for this tutorial, this workflow can be applied to other compositing software.

This Nuke tutorial will cover:

  • How the Roto node works.

  • An overall look at a basic rotoscoping workflow.

  • What the rotoscoping workflow looks like in Nuke.

  • Extra tips and tricks that are available to Nuke users.

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