Introducing CreatorVault: The New Industry-Standard For Content Creators

Introducing CreatorVault: The New Industry-Standard For Content Creators

ActionVFX & CreatorVault — The home for all creative video and compositing.

The team at ActionVFX set out to revolutionize the VFX industry with professional-grade elements that are unique and have variety found nowhere else.

Since the Kickstarter in 2016, we're proud to say that our elements have been used in everything from Spider-Man: Far From Home and Jumanji: The Next Level to everyday hobbyists and independent films. The impact of our VFX products on the industry has been massive.

CreatorVault: What is it? 

CreatorVault by ActionVFX is the best, most useful curated collection of stock assets for creative filmmakers and editors. CreatorVault has the industry's best lens flares, paintbrush strokes, cartoon effects, paper transitions, ink mattes, grunge overlays, and much more!

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We are bringing the same ActionVFX standard of quality and usability to a wider audience with CreatorVault. Each element is professionally crafted and finely tuned for any video editing project, in any software.
CreatorVault products can be used in any software.
The combination of CreatorVault and ActionVFX is the source for all things video editing.

What to expect.

We have expanded our expertise and love for production to even more content creators. 

There will be a consistent flow of new products for both ActionVFX and CreatorVault. Like with ActionVFX, CreatorVault was created to help you and your project standout, and we know this is our way to make another big impact in the industry.

Where we go from here.

CreatorVault launches October 6th! You can find the CreatorVault social media in the links below.

Exciting times are ahead of us. We will see you out there. Keep creating!