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Introducing Atmospheric Smoke, Spark Hits, and our Future plans!

Introducing Atmospheric Smoke, Spark Hits, and our Future plans!

Recapping our two newest Collections and discussing our upcoming products

We have just released two Collections: Atmospheric Smoke & Fog and Spark Hits. Just about every VFX artist needs some sort of smoke, fog, or spark hit in their life as a visual effects compositor. These elements add so much character to a VFX shot.

Let's recap what those Collections include, and also provide a special preview for some of our upcoming products!

Atmospheric Smoke & Fog

There is plenty of variety to be found within this Collection. It includes Lingering Fog, Smoke Rollouts, some Close-Ups, various angles, etc.

In all, this Collection features 30 real elements shot on the Red Epic Dragon.  For more info, head over to the product page here: Atmospheric Smoke & Fog Collection

Spark Hits

The Spark Hits Collection features 10 real spark hits, all shot on the Red Epic Dragon. While these were mainly shot to be used as bullet hits on metal surfaces, they can also be used for various other electrical effects, such as electrical wiring short-circuiting.

To check out individual previews of these Spark Hits, visit the product page here: Spark Hits Collection

Future Collections 

Now that we have that other stuff out of the way, we can skip to my favorite part: talking about new products! As you guys already know, we want to be the one place that everyone thinks of when they're working on an action-packed VFX project. This goal will be accomplished by adding even more variety to our library. 

To keep things simple, I'm just going to layout the upcoming effects that we have coming down the pipeline, in order of release.

1. Bullet Hit Collection - These assets will simulate bullets hitting the ground and wall. When filming these we used different materials to simulate different environments. We used materials like concrete, drywall, and dirt. This will help you comp them into your scenes, because you can actually match up the material. That way your bad guy isn't shooting at a brick wall with dirt flying out of it.

2. Muzzle Flash Collection - We have tons of different variations with these. Some shooting to the side, some angled, and some fired directly at the camera. We also used plenty of different guns for this, such as pistols, submachine guns, AR's, etc.

3. Debris Collection - We are in the early stages for organizing our debris assets, but they will include different variations that you can pair up nicely with some Explosions from our library, to make an even more convincing comp.

Just to give you a small taste of our Bullet Hits Collection, I put together a quick behind the scenes video explaining our filming processes. Enjoy!
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