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How To Rotoscope 3 Shots In 10 Minutes Using Machine Learning | Runway ML Tutorial

How To Rotoscope 3 Shots In 10 Minutes Using Machine Learning | Runway ML Tutorial

Learn how to use Runway ML, and let automation take over your tedious rotoscoping jobs.

Can you count how many hours you've spent rotoscoping a shot? It's probably an absurd amount and you've lost track. And to be honest, there weren't too many ways to avoid it. Well, we're here to save your precious time and a killer post-production headache.

We're going to show you how to quickly and effectively roto even the most complex of shots in a matter of minutes. With the help of Runway ML and automated machine learning, you'll be able to create beautiful mattes like you see below.
To serve as an example, we took three separate shots that took an eternity before, but now are completed in 10 minutes inside Runway ML.

Let's do this!

This Runway ML Rotoscoping tutorial covers:

  • Intro & explanation - 0:00 - 0:54
  • Runway ML Overview - 0:55 - 1:42
  • Shot number 1 - 1:43 - 4:00
  • Shot number 2 - 4:01 - 6:05
  • Shot number 3 - 6:06 - 10:45
  • Reviewing the results - 10:46 - 13:35
  • Outro - 13:36
This is truly groundbreaking for VFX artists that have to spend the chunk of their time rotoscoping a shot! We hope you learned a lot from this tutorial, and it will help speed up your post-production workflow.

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