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How To Organize Your Creative Workspace

How To Organize Your Creative Workspace

Organizing your equipment into a clutter-free workspace can skyrocket your productivity.

With the radical shift towards remote work, especially in the VFX and filmmaking industry, there's never been a better time to focus on improving your home office.

Having an organized and clutter-free workspace can not only help you be more productive, but it can also help you save time and feel positive about your work. If you're on the production and/or post-production side, chances are you've got a lot of gear and no matter how much space you have, it can often feel like there's never enough!

Let's take a look at some awesome ways you can revolutionize your video production-focused home office with better storage and organization!

Build a Custom Charging Station

Batteries are often a necessary evil when it comes to video production. You probably have at least a few batteries for your camera, batteries for lights, power banks that need charging, rechargeable AA batteries, and more. If you don't have a dedicated studio or storage closet, one of the greatest sources of office clutter can be batteries, chargers, and power cables.

This video shows how you can build a hyper-organized station for charging your equipment.
Luckily, almost all the latest video gear supports USB-C, which can make things a lot less complicated. You can eliminate a lot of separate USB charging bricks, and free up outlet space by picking up a compatible USB charging hub.   

In addition, you can research which of your devices support fast charging, and opt for chargers that can fill your batteries much more rapidly.  

If you're running a lot of v-mount or other large battery types, you may need to get a little creative to accommodate the extra size and weight. At the end of the day, the main goal is just to have a designated office area to handle all your charging needs.

No Space? Build a Cart!

Maybe you are severely limited on square footage, and there's just no way you can dedicate a large desk, table, or closet to your gear.  

A three-tiered utility cart is surprisingly perfect for storing most modern camera gear and smaller batteries and provides an excellent mobile solution if you tend to shoot in a room near your home office. When it comes to both affordability and versatility, you really can't find a better option than a utility cart!
The cart in this video makes excellent use of not only the space inside, but also exterior space on the cart with simple but very effective velcro storage.

On-the-Go Storage

Another great solution for home office organization is utilizing mobile gear storage. From pouches to cases and large bags, there are a huge range of options for storing your gear.

The nice thing about having mobile storage is, of course, the fact that it's always ready to go whenever it's time for a shoot. Plus, it can help de-clutter gear from your home office.
Using clear make-up pouches from Amazon is a great tip shared in the video, because it's cheap, and makes it incredibly easy to find whatever you're looking for.

If you shoot with a cinema camera rig, you know how easy it is to find yourself surrounded by gear when it's all disassembled. Tenba's Cineluxe doctor-style bags are a really great option for larger setups that allow you to keep your camera rig assembly intact, while also keeping your gear out of the way when you're not on set.

There are a million ways to stay organized, from carts, shelves, and bags, to 3D-printed items for cable management and SD cardholders. We'd love to hear your tips for staying organized in the comments below!

There really are a TON of ideas that can inspire creative organization, here's one last video on camera gear storage hacks!
There are a million ways to stay organized, from carts, shelves, and bags, to 3D-printed items for cable management and SD cardholders. We'd love to hear your tips for staying organized in the comments below!

Stay organized, and keep creating!

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