How to Freeze Anything with Frozen Ice VFX | After Effects Tutorial

How to Freeze Anything with Frozen Ice VFX | After Effects Tutorial

January 12, 2022
Jonathan Fields

In this After Effects tutorial, we will show you how to use our Ice & Frost collection to add frozen ice to your scene.

Creating a realistic frozen ice visual effect can be tricky, especially when it comes to the speed and layers of ice needed. In this tutorial, we will show you how to freeze yourself, or pretty much anything, with our Ice & Frost Collection.

This AE tutorial will cover:

  • Face tracking using MochaPro’s PowerMesh feature.
  • How to troubleshoot problematic tracks in PowerMesh.
  • How to track and composite frozen eyes effects.
  • How to create a gradual freezing effects using Ice elements from our Ice & Frost collection.
  • How to use time remapping to slow down and freeze your shot.

ActionVFX elements Used:

Would you like to follow along? Click here to download the plate for this composition!

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