How to Create Thor’s Flying Hammer Effect | Adobe After Effects

How to Create Thor’s Flying Hammer Effect | Adobe After Effects

In today’s tutorial, we will learn how to simulate floating and catching an object in your hand like Thor's hammer from Thor: Love and Thunder.

There are multiple ways to fly objects into a scene using VFX. Depending on the speed and trajectory of the object, you can use everything from traditional practical effects like wires to adding an animated version of the object in post. 

But what can achieve a realistic look that works best for the God of Thunder?

Similar to our previous tutorial, we will be featuring the hammer Mjölnir from Thor: Love and Thunder. This time, we will focus on the flying effect that happens each time Thor summons his weapon of choice. 

Finally, we will accomplish this without the use of any plugins or 3D software, so all you need is Adobe After Effects and you are good to go!

Feel free to follow along by downloading the project files here!

This After Effects tutorial will cover:

  • An effective frame-dropping technique to make the movement in your shot more impactful.

  • How to track and mask in Mocha for use in Adobe After Effects.

  • How to use Adobe Photoshop to remove the object from your plate.

  • More tips and tricks for better object removal.

If you have any questions or want to discuss this tutorial further, head on over to our Forum. Our team of experts is always happy to help out. And be sure to check back often for more tutorials just like this one.


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