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How To Create Exciting Product Videos

How To Create Exciting Product Videos

Use these filmmaking and visual effects techniques to create engaging video.

The most compelling product videos combine in-camera techniques with VFX magic to create an eye-catching (and oftentimes memorable) commercial. Shots that showcase cool or interesting features of the product can be branding gold, and they can also be quite simple to pull off with a little creativity! Plus, having a few nice product shots can go a long way in a demo reel.

We’re going to dive into several universal techniques you can use for developing some really engaging product shots. They may also kickstart new creative ideas for you to try out. Let’s get started!

Creating an Epic Cereal Commercial

This first video shows how easy it is to create a glossy and professional cereal commercial in your very own house.
Normally, you’d need to do a ton of 3D modeling and animating to come up with something close to this level of quality. However, shooting at a high frame rate with perfect lighting gives you plenty of control in post for awesome speed ramps.

Attaching the product to a light stand was a great tip for when you want a slow rotation (without the need for a turntable).

The only VFX work for this video went into rotoing out the light stand, adding masks to the falling cereal, and adding a few simple speed ramps and zooms in post.  

How to Shoot Levitating Products

Austen Paul is another great YouTube channel to follow for innovative product video ideas. He goes into great depth on his channel describing every step needed to recreate his mind-blowing work, including what was done in post to achieve the final result.

This video was another example of how you can create incredible product videos without having to spend hours in 3D programs. Wooden dowels are a great tool for levitating product cinematography (similar to the light stand in the previous example), and the simple addition of a drill takes the polish of the video to a whole new level. 

Plus, the added advantage of using a TV screen as a backdrop for product shots gives you the limitless flexibility of almost having a mini virtual production studio at your disposal, and this eliminates the need for a lot of keying later on! 

Alternatively, you could even use a TV for a chroma key background if you wanted to replace it with something else in post.

How to Make Even Better Product Videos

Indy Mogul sat down with product commercial director Kazu Okuda to break down secrets from great product commercials, showing you how to get the highest level of quality possible out of your product shoot.
We’ve talked about the importance of storyboarding for filmmaking projects, but try storyboarding your product video first to get a clear direction in mind for where you want the action to go. This will ensure your product video is as slick as possible!

You’ll also probably notice the common thread in all of the product videos above is a strong understanding of lighting composition, which can make or break your project.

If you aren’t happy with what you’re seeing in-camera, take the extra time to adjust everything until it’s just right. The beauty of product videos is you can take your time and be as meticulous as you want, so take advantage of that opportunity!

Equally important to lighting is having the right lens, and you can’t go wrong with the Laowa Probe Lens. This unique (and surprisingly affordable) macro lens is capable of making any product look larger than life, and when you pair it with a slider push or pull, you’re guaranteed an awesome shot.
Lastly, if you’re shooting food, make sure you check out some of these great food stylist tricks to maximize the quality of your production.

Even if you’re not working for a specific brand, you can always have fun experimenting with products you might find around the house to hone your skills and come up with unique ideas!

Have you produced any cool product videos? We’d love to see them in the comments below!

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