How To Create A Fire Breathing Effect | After Effects Tutorial | ActionVFX

How To Create A Fire Breathing Effect | After Effects Tutorial

How To Create A Fire Breathing Effect | After Effects Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will learn how to create a Fire Breath effect inspired by Iron Man 3, in Adobe After Effects.

Iron Man 3 had its share of twists and turns, but one of the most memorable (potential SPOILER for those that tend to wait over 10 years to watch a movie) is the reveal of Aldrich Killian as a member of The Extremists. And in the words of James Rhodes: “You, you breathe fire?!? Ok…”.

In this tutorial, we will take you through the entire process of creating a fire breath effect in After Effects inspired by the one shown in the movie Iron Man 3. We will be using ActionVFX's Flamethrower assets, along with other collections.

This AE tutorial will cover:

  • How to composite our Flamethrower elements.
  • How to create a realistic glowing fire effect.
  • How to create interesting glow eyes FX.
  • How to create an animated subsurface to create a skin glow effect.
  • How to adjust the timing of the flamethrower elements to best fit the shot.
  • How to add a heat distortion effect to the surrounding air.

ActionVFX Collections Used:

Are you ready to follow along and try this comp yourself? Click here to download the plates for this scene.

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