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How to Composite VFX for VR with Mocha

How to Composite VFX for VR with Mocha

Now that you have a better understanding of 360 Video, we will show you how to composite VFX inside of Mocha for VR.

The ability to produce 360 video content for VR wasn’t even possible just a handful of years ago. Now, native integration with Mocha’s advanced 360/VR toolset in programs like Premiere Pro, After Effects, Nuke, Maya, Avid Media Composer, Flame, Smoke, Fusion, and more, make basic VR compositing a breeze for users of almost every major VFX compositing platform.

How to Remove and Insert Objects in VR with Mocha

One of the most necessary processes of any VR production workflow is removing unwanted elements from your scene - such as crew, gear, and most importantly, your camera rig/tripod. Thanks to Mocha’s advanced VR compositing capabilities, object removals and nadir patching (i.e., removing the tripod) are a quick and painless process - and can even be done without tedious rotoscoping.

Check out how easy it is to remove objects from your 360 scene below in an example that uses Mocha + After Effects and Photoshop:
It is also worth noting the technique that used Photoshop to remove ice crystals in the sky could also be used to insert static assets via Photoshop into your scene. Not only can you insert whatever you want into the scene, but you could also use this method to block out your crew with a composited environmental element.

How to Use Horizon Stabilization and 360 Camera Reorientation in Mocha

If your 360 camera is moving, even slightly, this can create an incredibly uncomfortable experience for your audience in VR. That’s why ensuring a stabilized horizon is critical to achieving a quality video in VR.

lso, you may want to automatically reorient the 360 camera’s default point of interest to draw attention to a certain area of the video. There’s nothing worse than having your audience look at a wall when the action is taking place across the room behind them!

Mocha allows you to achieve both of these necessary tasks in post-production, using its award-winning motion tracking algorithm, now adapted for VR.

Advanced VR Rotoscoping & Masking in Mocha

Mocha has always been a go-to app for intricate roto work, and you can also use its powerful rotoscoping and masking tools in your VR production workflow to get the results you want within your 360 video.
For the majority of VFX artists interested in VR filmmaking, Mocha’s VR tools are a lifesaver. There are certainly other noteworthy independent VR workflow plugins available for apps (such as CaraVR for Nuke), but because of its universal integration across so many platforms, accessibility, and familiarity for many VFX artists, Mocha VR is the essential tool for compositing in VR.

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