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How to Composite Atmospheric Smoke & Fog | After Effects

How to Composite Atmospheric Smoke & Fog | After Effects

Are you having trouble compositing those low-lying fog elements or atmospheric smoke assets? Check out our tutorial to learn how to composite them in After Effects.

There are a million different techniques to use in the compositing world, all of which result in reaching the same end goal. Lendon hones in and keeps his eyes on the end goal, thus creating this awesome tutorial on how to best composite our Atmospheric Smoke & Fog in After Effects.

This After Effects Tutorial Focuses On:
  • How to Composite Smoke in After Effects
  • How to Composite Fog in After Effects
  • Adding light to Atmospheric Smoke or Fog

Check out the tutorial and let us know what you think in our comments below!
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I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and were able to discover new ways to better composite our stock footage into your projects.

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