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How To Change The Skin Tone On Gore Textures In After Effects | Quick Tips Tutorial

How To Change The Skin Tone On Gore Textures In After Effects | Quick Tips Tutorial

In this After Effects tutorial, learn how to change a gore texture's color to match the skin tone.

We recently dropped our Gore Textures Collection containing 60 textures for you to use in projects! When applied correctly, you can turn a dull shot into a gruesome nightmare — and we want to show you how!
Gore Texture Breakdown
Though these are terrific high-resolution assets, to truly sell the VFX shot to your audience, your Gore Textures need to match the skin tone of the unlucky injured individual. In this Quick Tip, Zac Vanhoy is showing you how to blend them into any skin tone. Without further ado, let's get started.

This After Effects tutorial covers:

  • Learning EXR and normal PNG file techniques for changing skin tone
  • Using Gore Texture EXR passes such as specular lighting, skin mask, & more
  • Using several effects to match the wound to the skin tones
  • Utilizing the same technique for multiple skin tones for a speedy and effective workflow
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