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How CamTrackAR 2.0 Supercharges Mobile Virtual Production

How CamTrackAR 2.0 Supercharges Mobile Virtual Production

Mobile filmmaking and visual effects has been on the rise thanks to FXhome's CamTrackAR app.

After just nine months, FXhome's game-changing mobile camera tracking solution CamTrackAR has evolved into a robust new version that adds powerful new features to enable a new era of mobile VFX producing and filmmaking. Let's check it out!

CamTrackAR 2.0 Brings Mobile Virtual Production to the Masses

When we covered the initial release of CamTrackAR, we looked at how it revolutionized camera tracking by seamlessly capturing user-defined 3D track points that are recorded in real-time, alongside mobile video recordings. 

This data is then exported as a .json file that can be imported into your compositing software of choice, effectively eliminating the need for tedious camera tracking in post.

As incredible as the tech already was, there was also a sense that it was just a hint of what's to come for mobile VFX. Amazingly, FXhome has found a way to push the capabilities of their unique app even further.

If you follow the ActionVFX blog, you know how much we love discussing the exciting world of virtual production. It continues to expand the possibilities of filmmaking and drastically improve the turnaround time it takes to produce blockbuster CG, complete with enhancements like real-time VFX.
Gridlines in CamTrackAR.

3D Model Import with Tracking

While the Unreal Engine is undoubtedly the industry standard for virtual production, it's incredibly complex and has a steep learning curve. 

What's exciting about CamTrackAR 2.0 is that it puts the power of a mobile virtual production studio in your hands, offering the ability to add entire digital sets and props to your scene as 3D .USDZ files.
3D model of a tank.
Not only is this great for creating your own projects from custom assets, but it also makes for an incredible pre-vis workflow in a bigger VFX pipeline.

Live Chromakey Compositing

The most remarkable addition of all is the ability to perform real-time green screen compositing on-the-fly.  Your shot can even be moving, and CamTrackAR 2.0 handles all the heavy lifting! This is a truly next-gen feature that yields the best results on LiDAR-equipped iOS devices.

Once your chromakey color is chosen, you can easily change your selection or even add a de-spill filter for the best results.
Real-time green screen compositing.
You’ll also find more robust camera controls, along with the ability to export .FBX files for Autodesk (along with the previous ability to export for HitFilm, After Effects, Blender, and more).

Best of all, CamTrackAR 2.0 continues to be free (although a one-time payment of $29.99 or $4.99 monthly unlocks all premium features). Speaking of free, FXhome’s other revolutionary VFX software, HitFilm Express remains our top pick for free video production/VFX compositing software.

As rapidly advancing technology continues to propel the VFX industry forward, CamTrackAR 2.0 is the first app to bring unprecedented mobile VFX production power to everyone everywhere.

We can’t wait to see where FXhome goes from here!  Download it now and jump in today!

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