Guest Tutorial: How to Composite Yourself into a Fiery Blaze Using After Effects

Have you ever wanted to place yourself in a giant fiery blaze like you see in the movies, or in Final Fantasy 7? Me too! In this guest tutorial, you will be able to make yourself look like you are ready for the most epic battle scene!

Chris Connor from 'Creatrix Visuals' has started a tutorial series called "Inferno VFX Academy," and is unleashing everything FIRE! This After Effects tutorial series will be surrounding fire elements from various Collections from our library of products.

Chris was inspired to create the first episode from an iconic scene in Final Fantasy 7, where Sephiroth stands within a fiery blaze, gazing at what he truly is. 

In this episode, Chris uses our Big Fire 2 element from our Ground Fire Collection when recreating this epic scene. Follow along as he takes us through his process, step by step.
I hope that you have learned some new techniques in this incredible tutorial provided by 'Creatrix Visuals.'

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