Director & VFX Reel | ActionVFX Featured Artist: The Kirby Brothers

Director & VFX Reel | ActionVFX Featured Artist: The Kirby Brothers

Introducing the Kirby Brothers: Our First Featured Artists of 2023

Hey there! We're delighted to be starting the new year with an exciting edition of Featured Artist, where we get to shine a spotlight on the immense talent in the VFX industry. And who better to start us off than the Kirby Brothers – a dynamic duo made up of George and Michael Kirby? These guys are true pros when it comes to creating stunning VFX for action films.

The Kirby Brothers have supplied us with an amazing VFX reel that showcases their top skills and moments. You'll see everything from explosive action scenes to immersive environments and character animation, all brought to life with the Kirby Brothers' expertise and attention to detail. Most of the work was done by George Kirby, who used Adobe After Effects to create some truly impressive effects.

We hope you enjoy this edition of Featured Artist, and we can't wait to bring you more spotlight features in the future!

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