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Creating Massive Meteor Impacts With ActionVFX Large Scale Dust Waves

Creating Massive Meteor Impacts With ActionVFX Large Scale Dust Waves

Learn how to get the most out of our new Large Scale Dust Waves VFX stock.

It doesn't get much bigger than the Large Scale Dust Waves Collection! In terms of scale and impacts, these are our biggest VFX elements yet, and we wanted to produce a tutorial to show you how to use them effectively.

This tutorial will be recreating this shot:

via Gfycat

The Large Scale Dust Waves come with numerous EXR passes that give you customization options to best fit your scene. The passes include Shadow, Motion Vectors, Depth, Light, and more. Zac, Lead Product Designer at ActionVFX, will take you through the steps to create this VFX shot.

This After Effects tutorial will cover: 

  • Aligning clips in 3D space to line up with the meteor impacts
  • Utilizing Front & Back render passes to add elements to the middle of the Dust Wave
  • Adding Exploding Debris Elements to impact
  • Adding Spark Hit Elements to impact
  • Using Light Passes and color effects to match impacts/assets with the scene
  • Creating a shock wave effect
  • Learning the Atmospheric Perspective technique
We hope enjoyed this tutorial. There are so many ways to use the Large Scale Dust Waves. Make sure to let us know how you used them in your projects!

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