Create Electro-Inspired Lightning in After Effects | AE Tutorial | ActionVFX

Create Electro-Inspired Lightning in After Effects | AE Tutorial

Create Electro-Inspired Lightning in After Effects | AE Tutorial

Using our Free Lightning Collection, you can recreate the Electro lightning VFX in After Effects.

In this After Effects tutorial, we will recreate the lightning VFX of Electro from Spider-Man: No Way Home using a few of our collections, including our Free Lightning Collection.

This Electro-inspired tutorial will cover:

  • Using our Free Lightning Collection to create lightning bolts shooting out of your body.
  • Creating electrical arcs.
  • Creating lightning glow.
  • Simulating atmospheric glow and flicker.
  • Face tracking using After Effect's facial tracker.
  • Creating a simple eye glow.

ActionVFX elements used:

Want to try to recreate this shot on your own? Download the original files here. For additional plates used from Pexels, click the links below:
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