Create A Sci-Fi Scene With Free ActionVFX Blaster Effects | After Effects Tutorial

Create A Sci-Fi Scene With Free ActionVFX Blaster Effects | After Effects Tutorial

Try out our new free Blaster VFX products by following along in our new tutorial.

We've recently dropped our free Blaster products, and today, we're giving you a tutorial on how to take your scene to a galaxy far, far away. 

If you haven't downloaded them yet, make sure to do so below! You can drag and drop these files into your scene, and follow along with the tutorial!

Download For Free Here

From adding lasers to your blaster and having them zoom by your talent to the red reflection in the shooter's eyes, this tutorial can take your sci-fi scene to the next level.

This After Effects tutorial covers:

  • Using Red Giant's Unmult Effect to fix dark edges
  • Controlling the hot white inner parts of the laser
  • Adding glow intensity 
  • Compositing our Muzzle Flash elements onto the blaster
  • Animating lasers shooting at the actor 
  • Adding glow reflections to shooter's eyes
There is so much fun you can have with these elements. Whether it's your Star Wars fan film, or you're creating a new galaxy of your own, make sure to tag us with what you create! 

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