Community spotlight

Community Spotlight: Star Wars, Super Heroes, and Portals

Community Spotlight: Star Wars, Super Heroes, and Portals

December 2016

As most of you already know, we are a very transparent company that loves to interact with our users. We always want to know about the cool things you are are working on, and how we can help improve it.

With that being said, be sure to send us your finished videos that use our products for a chance to have them featured on our website!

In the meantime, see some of our community's latest work below.

1. Bat In The Sun - Wonder Woman vs Wolverine

Bat In The Sun recently released their 20th episode of Super Power Beat Down, in which they made great use of our Spark Hits Collection. Can you spot them?
(Fight starts at 4:12)

2. Rebellion - A Star Wars Fan Film

HitFilm created a Star Was fan film using the free version of their software, HitFilm Express! They utilized our Spark Hits, Muzzle Flashes, and Atmospheric Smoke & Fog within the film. HitFilm Express is available for free to anyone who wants to get into compositing. So, what are you waiting for?

3. The Portal

This short was created by Daniel Novarro of Cosmic Nation. Daniel recolored one of our Ground Fires and then wrapped it around the edge of the portal. This is a great example of taking an element and conforming it to your needs.

4. NĂ³madas - Cruce de Caminos

Julen De La Serna's latest lyrical music video takes advantage of our Atmospheric Smoke & Fog Collection, in which Julen uses the assets to craft a simple, yet unique style.

5. Exchange - Action Short

JLAction was able to create a short using our GunFX Collection. Checkout this fast paced, action video where a simple exchange of merchandise goes south quickly. 

6. GhostBusters Go!

This short submitted by Michael M. Miller of Triem Visual, combines Pokemon Go! with GhostBusters in a really cool and creative way. One of our explosive assets was used to blow up the car in the clip. He duplicated the element and did some rotation on it to make this effect work in his scene.

Once again, a huge thank you to all of the VFX artists and filmmakers in our community for working hard and creating things that will inspire others.

Head on over to HitFilm to get started compositing your own project!

Don't forget, if you want the chance for your finished videos to be featured on our website, send it to us at [email protected]

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