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BTS: Upcoming Gun Sound Effects Collection

BTS: Upcoming Gun Sound Effects Collection

Take a Look at What Went on During the Shoot

The team at ActionVFX is always listening to things you are looking to use in your next projects. 

I am proud to announce our newest Collection: Gun Sound Effects! This Collection is a great addition to the rest of our new products coming out this October. Our goal is to release these sound effects in conjunction with 5 additional Gun related Collections. Oh, and 3 of 6 new Collections will be completely FREE!

Check out these videos that show how we went about creating our Gun SFX Collection.

We were grateful to work with Phil Higgins, owner of Mix Pro Studios. Phil has over 12 years experience from full-service commercial quality custom music production for television, to advertising and film trailers. Some of his clients include MTV, TBS, Warner Brothers, Fox, and the NFL Network.

We are excited to launch these new Collections within the next few weeks and hope that you find them just as valuable as we do. 

First time here? ActionVFX is about creating action stock-footage products for VFX and filmmaking centered on user feedback. (We also have some great free stuff!)

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