Blood, Blood, & More Blood | 3 All-New Blood VFX Collections

Blood, Blood, & More Blood | 3 All-New Blood VFX Collections

Make your Halloween a bloody one with our new Blood VFX Stock Footage Collections!

You didn't think ActionVFX could let Halloween go by without grossing you out somehow, right? We're proud to continuously crank out high-level products, and we want to continue to revolutionize the industry with our professional-grade Blood and Gore Elements!

Give a warm (and rather squeamish) welcome to three all-new Blood and Gore Collections: Blood Mist Vol. 2, Bleeding Fabric, and Blood Pools!

Download All Three Collections Here

Let's take a look at these new Collections. If you have an aversion to blood, it would be best not to scroll down!

Blood Mist Vol. 2

Blood Mist Vol. 2 Specs:
  • 30 clips of Blood Mists
  • Delivered in 2K and 4K 
  • 3 Angles - Front, Angled, & Side
  • Formats: 12-bit ProRes 4444 with Alpha
  • Color Space: REDWideGamutRGB
It doesn't get much better than our Blood Mist Collections! We wanted to offer more variety for mists, building upon Blood Mist Volume 1 (which is free by the way). Our new Volume 2 covers a lot of ground with three different angles with multiple variations! These elements are perfect for bullets or objects hitting and penetrating flesh.

The variations include volume and direction of the blood, as well as large and smalls puffs of mist. Take a look at these differences below.

Bleeding Fabric

Bleeding Fabric Specs:
  • 32 clips of Bleeding Fabric
  • Delivered in 2K and 4K 
  • Formats: 12-Bit ProRes 4444 (2K and 4K)
  • Color Space: Rec.709
ActionVFX continuously innovates the landscape of VFX stock footage, and we've done it again. This Collection was created for scenarios where someone is injured and blood begins seeping through their clothes. The variations are sure to cover wherever your scene may lead you in compositing the blood.

Variations include hole-shaped and cut/slit wounds, vertical and horizontal blood flow, various speeds, blood amounts, among others. You can get a visual of these game-changing elements below.

Blood Pools

Blood Pools Specs:
  • 31 clips of Blood Pools 
  • Delivered in 2K and 4K/5K Pro
  • 2 Angles - Top & Front
  • Formats: 12-Bit ProRes 4444 (2K and 4K)
  • Color Space: Rec.709
If you have an action or murder scene where we see someone on the ground with a wound bleeding out, you'll need a pool of blood spreading across the ground! It comes with two angles and multiple variations!

The angles include a top-down view and a front angle where the blood pool approaches the camera. Variations include the amount of blood used, blood flow direction, and texture of the blood. What do we mean by texture? Some of the blood has bubbles, while other clips have a more clean, fluid blood. Gross, right?
ActionVFX has innovated the VFX industry in numerous ways, and now, blood VFX will never be the same. Oh, and we're just getting started — buckle up.

First time here? ActionVFX creates action stock footage for visual effects and filmmaking. (We also have some great free stuff!) 

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