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Become an ActionVFX Featured Artist

Become an ActionVFX Featured Artist

Calling all Compositors! ActionVFX wants to feature your compositions. Read more to find out how.

ActionVFX exists to create the most realistic VFX assets in the world and provide them to you; the artists. We have seen our elements used to make amazing compositions; bringing realism to the table in ways we could only dream about.

Our story is tied in with yours and it’s because of that we are launching the ActionVFX Featured Artist program.

What are we looking for?

Eligible submissions that will be considered are:
  • Demo Reels
  • VFX Shots/Breakdowns
  • Realtime VFX
  • Simulations
  • VFX Work for Film/TV
We want to feature your creations on our YouTube channel for the world to see! So, let us give you the stage and support that your hours of work deserve. Click the link below to start your submission.

Click here to submit your compositions!

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