Ask An Artist: Season 2, Ep 18 - How To Maintain Artistic Integrity with Clinton Jones

Ask An Artist: Season 2, Ep 18 - How To Maintain Artistic Integrity with Clinton Jones

Clinton Jones joins us for episode eighteen in season two of Ask An Artist!

A lot of artists spend a lot of energy on stuff that doesn't bring them closer to their goals. They are trying to please publishers or fans or clients or their ego. The reality is that we should all be trying to please ourselves by working on things that fill us with passion. In this episode, Luke welcomes Clinton Jones, a VFX artist known for his work on Cardboard Warfare, video game cinematics, and even Corridor Digital. They discuss the different roadblocks that artists face along with how to maintain artistic integrity.

Ask An Artist Podcast: Ep 18 - "How to Maintain Artistic Integrity" with Clinton Jones

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Episode 18 Show Notes:

  • Intro - 0:00
  • Experience doing live-action shorts - 1:48
  • Clinton’s backstory: His general interest in visual effects and moving to the NFT space and Unreal Engine - 3:11
  • The biggest roadblock - 9:58
  • Finding comedy in the action - 13:52
  • Did he see some of the stories he’s creating as the medium? - 20:26
  • Is it challenging to stay true to the IP when directing or creating? - 26:24
  • Clinton’s long-term goal - 29:09
  • Understanding human behavior to help people achieve their goals - 33:42
  • Staying organized - 37:06
  • Where to find Clinton Jones and his next projects? - 38:41

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