Ask An Artist: Season 2, Ep 17 - Anatomy of Real-Time Effects with David “DJ” Johnson from Undertone FX

Ask An Artist: Season 2, Ep 17 - Anatomy of Real-Time Effects with David “DJ” Johnson from Undertone FX

David “DJ” Johnson joins us for episode seventeen in season two of Ask An Artist!

Real-time effects are becoming an increasingly important part of modern visual effects workflows. In this episode of the Ask An Artist Podcast, we're thrilled to chat with David "DJ" Johnson about his work creating real-time effects for games and other applications. 

DJ shares some insight into his process, discusses the challenges he's faced with moving from independent work to owning his own studio, and where the world of VFX could be moving with VF/AR at the forefront.

Ask An Artist Podcast: Ep 17 - "Anatomy of Real-Time Effects" with David “DJ” Johnson

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Episode 17 Show Notes:

  • Scope of topics to be discussed. - 0:33
  • What drew DJ to another form of art. - 2:32
  • Starting his own company: Undertone FX. - 10:14
  • Where are visual effects going after the launch of affordable and high-quality virtual reality? - 18:49
  • Most impressive real time effects DJ has seen in games. - 28:10
  • The Ultimate Fire Pack: What makes it so special? - 33:43
  • Realtime products in the works and further down the pipeline - 39:15
  • Where to find DJ and Undertone FX - 42:00

Connect with David "DJ" Johnson: 

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