Ask An Artist: Season 2, Ep 16 -  How Do You Maintain Passion & Creativity? with Corridor's Sam Gorski

Ask An Artist: Season 2, Ep 16 - How Do You Maintain Passion & Creativity? with Corridor's Sam Gorski

February 18, 2022
Jonathan Fields

Sam Gorski joins us for episode sixteen in season two of Ask An Artist!

In any creative field, it's important to maintain your passion and creativity in order to produce your best work. For visual effects artists, this can be especially difficult since the process of creating VFX often requires long hours and a lot of tedious work.

In this edition of Ask An Artist, we spoke with Sam Gorski, co-founder of Corridor, about how he maintains his passion and creativity during long projects. Check out his advice in the video below.

Ask An Artist Podcast: Ep 16 - "How Do You Maintain Passion & Creativity" with Sam Gorski

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Episode 16 Show Notes:

  • Welcoming and catching up with Sam Gorski - 0:56
  • What does Corridor Digital do?- 3:05
  • How to maintain passion and creativity - 5:37
  • Leveraging technology: benefits and downsides - 11:27
  • Pulling off a big project - 14:03
  • The assets used: motions, living elements, and other effects - 20:09
  • Why is Unreal Engine a unified system? - 24:23
  • The crossover with video games and filming with virtual sets - 30:14
  • Is the volume stage visual or special effects? - 35:46
  • A common approach for each project - 44:51
  • Sam's favorite project with Corridor Digital - 47:30

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