Ask An Artist: Ep 002 - "Why Visual Effects?" with Allan McKay | ActionVFX

Ask An Artist: Ep 002 - "Why Visual Effects?" with Allan McKay

Ask An Artist: Ep 002 - "Why Visual Effects?" with Allan McKay

In episode two of Ask An Artist, we have the godfather of visual effects: Allan McKay.

Episode 002 - "Why Visual Effects?" with Allan McKay

If you’re interested in high-level visual effects, you have probably heard this name once or twice. Allan has worked on a lot of films such as Star Trek, Transformers, and more.
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Episode 002 Show Notes

Why visual effects? - 1:20
Communication is the number one skill that every person should have - 8:42
Learning to be more patient - 11:12
Stop being intimidated by freelancers - 14:05
The Avengers poster - 17:30
Everyone struggles with fear and failure - 32:42
Enjoy the process along the way - 34:00
There’s a difference between being a consumer and being a creative - 40:27
Everything is sales - 48:40
Teaching people how to build a successful career - 50:00

View Allan McKay's Demo Reel Guide and VFX Rates Calculator here!

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