Are Movies the Highest Form of Art? 5 Reasons Why I Think, “Yes.”

Are Movies the Highest Form of Art? 5 Reasons Why I Think, “Yes.”

April 11, 2017
Kenan Proffitt
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Art is a broad term, that through the centuries has meant many different things to different people and is interpreted differently by the individuals whom it was created to impress. Art transcends cultures, time, and language. 

So when considering that movies may in fact be the highest form of art, I want to be clear that I am not suggesting that the work of famous ancient painters or composers pales in comparison to the latest hit at the box office. Not at all. 

So what am I suggesting? Here are my top 5 reasons for why I believe this statement is true.

1. It Takes Several Years to Make a Good Movie.

With an average run time of 125 minutes, it is truly remarkable that something that is enjoyed for a fairly small amount of time takes so long to make. Now granted the length of the project doesn’t always determine the quality of the result, but the amount of dedication to one craft to put together a final movie, works to prove my point.

2. It Takes Multiple People to Make a Movie.

Most art forms require just the artist’s skill and what he or she can accomplish. Movies however are not a one-man-band; they require teams of people with one unified goal to come together in the creation of one finished masterpiece.

3. Movies tell Stories.

Every artist is trying to tell a story with their art form. Human beings communicate by stories, and movies are able to speak to the emotions of the audience and connect with each viewer on different levels. 

Much like a good painting or photograph, a movie can mean something different to each viewer. We remember our favorite movies because of the stories told in them, and audiences hold these stories near and dear to their hearts.

4. Movie Making Utilizes Skills Unique to the Craft.

For as long as movies have been in existence, filmmakers have looked for ways to improve technology in order to create their final film. The world of cinema has literally created completely unique skill sets that are strictly made for cinema.

Much like inventing the paintbrush, filmmakers have employed scientist artists and technicians from all sorts of backgrounds to create the tools necessary to make props, shoot scenes, edit, add sound, add Visual Effects, color grade, produce and distribute.

Now, granted, these tools have been used in many other forms of media, but they started as creative solutions to a filmmaker’s problem and snowballed into a vast array of impressive tools and skills.

5. Movies Incorporate Every Form of Art.

All of the previous points can be summed up in this reason. Movies are the highest art from because it takes writing, story, photography, drawing, painting, concept art, animation, visual effects, music, acting, and a whole host of other talents, skills, and abilities from talented individuals.

Much like a complex jigsaw puzzle, an incredible number of small pieces and details have to come together in order to make a final feature.

So I am not saying movies supersede the works of incredibly talented artists from generations past, but the amount of pure art that goes into creating a finished motion picture elevates it (in my opinion) to the king of art because it leaves nothing out.

Movies are truly made by people for the enjoyment of people.

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