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After Effects Tutorial: How To Fill A Stadium Using ActionVFX Sports Crowd Plates

After Effects Tutorial: How To Fill A Stadium Using ActionVFX Sports Crowd Plates

You'll learn how to replicate a digital crowd easily with our new Crowd VFX!

We've just released our new Crowd VFX Stock Footage and we want to teach you how to recreate our Sports Crowds demo shot!

We'll show you how we set up the shot with the green screen and tracking, and then we will hop into After Effects to use Trapcode Particular and composite the digital crowd plates!

We will also show you some workflow tips using After Effects' Pre-Render feature!
Let's get this tutorial underway so you can fill massive venues easier than ever before.

This tutorial will include:
1. How to use ActionVFX Sports Crowd to fill in a stadium with digital crowds
2. Generating Crowds from multiple video clips using Trapcode Particular
3. Two ways of changing the shirt color of the crowd assets
4. Using After Effect's Pre-Render feature to help speed up VFX workflows
What did you think of the tutorial? Let us know any tips you have for compositing our new ActionVFX Crowd elements in the comment section below!

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