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ActionVFX's Top 5 Tutorials

ActionVFX's Top 5 Tutorials

Put your thinking cap on! Today, we're counting down our top five tutorials.

This company wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the support given by the VFX community, so our company seeks to continually provide value to the VFX community through our blogs, social media, tutorials — you name it. We're proud of our VFX library, but we are also here to serve you with VFX tips and techniques to better your skills.

While we have a massive amount of tutorials for you to watch over on our YouTube channel, we wanted to narrow down the list in today's blog to roundup our favorite tutorials so far! 

1. How to Remove Black (and White) Backgrounds from Stock Footage

The tutorial coming in first is something all VFX artists (at some point) have experienced. How do I remove the background of this clip? Our CEO Rodolphe Pierre-Louis goes over how to key out black and white backgrounds from VFX stock footage.

You can download the assets we're using to follow along here. We also show you how to use the Unmult plugin from the Red Giant Universe and the Demult plugin from HitFilm Ignite.

2. Tutorial: How to Composite Atmospheric Smoke & Fog in After Effects

ActionVFX Fog Elements are some of the fan favorites in our vast VFX stock footage library, and after watching this tutorial, you'll composite them into your scene like a pro.

Don't forget to download the background plate to follow along with the tutorial.

3. How to Add Depth to a Photograph Using 3D Projection | Nuke Tutorial

In our most popular Nuke tutorial, we show you how to add depth to a photograph using our stock footage and the 3D projection node in Nuke. You'll gain the skill of compositing 2D elements in a 3D scene!

There were a lot of comments asking where the photograph came from in the tutorial that our instructor uses. No worries, it can be found right here.

4. How to Burn Down a House Using Stock Footage in After Effects

Let's all be honest, who doesn't want to set things on fire? In this tutorial, we show you how to burn a house down using some of our Structure Fire Elements!

You can click here to download the background plate.

5. Five Steps to Composite Explosion & Debris VFX | After Effects Tutorial

Debris and Explosion VFX is our expertise, and in this tutorial rounding out our top five, we show you how to composite these elements into your scene. You'll also get some experience with 3D camera tracking, color grading, and much more. 

Bonus: How to Composite Bullet Hits in After Effects

We're feeling generous today, here's a bonus tutorial! 

Learn how to composite our bullet hit elements like a pro with this After Effects tutorial. From motion tracking and fractal noise to adding that perfect camera shake, this is the ultimate tutorial for your gunfight scenes.

Make sure to download the background plate so you can follow along with our instructor. 

We hope you enjoyed this roundup of our top five tutorials. You can learn great techniques by watching these tutorials. If you have created a VFX shot with the help of one of our instructors, we want to see it!

First time here? ActionVFX creates action stock footage for visual effects and filmmaking. (We also have some great free stuff!)

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