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How our Fire Elements Were Used in the 2017 Grammy's

How our Fire Elements Were Used in the 2017 Grammy's

There were plenty of things to talk about at this years 2017 Grammy Awards, and ActionVFX was one of them! Our Explosions, Fire, and Dustwave elements were used during the live Metallica and Lady Gaga performance.

The virtual backdrop, which was designed by G M D THREE, featured our elements on stage during the live performance.

G M D THREE was born in Bulgaria and raised in Switzerland. He has been actively working as a photographer, cinematographer, designer, and director since 2009 in a small, self maintained, studio out of New York City's Chinatown.

He, and stage producer Drew Findley, found ActionVFX elements helpful, and utilized them in the virtual backdrop behind the performers.

Check out the final performance below!
G M D THREE was gracious enough to send over a sample of the virtual set he created for the backdrop that shows how he used our assets to bring together this dilapidated warehouse.
It's awesome and humbling to see our products being used in some really unique ways. If it wasn't for the VFX community, our vision would not have been able to become the reality it is, today. So, with that being said, thank you to everyone who has supported us.

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