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Passionate About VFX? Come Write For Us!

At ActionVFX, making top of the line VFX assets for professional artists
and filmmakers is our #1 goal. We strive to deliver the unique and better content that our customers ask for. We also want to provide interesting and informative blog content that is targeted directly to our professional audience. That is why we are currently looking for blog writers to help us meet these needs!

New Feature: Mass Downloads Have Finally Arrived!

We have been using our Kickstarter backers as a platform for testing multiple variations of possible mass downloading options for some time. We have finally reached a point where we feel it is ready for all paid users to experience without any major complications occurring.

BTS: Upcoming Free Bullet Holes Collection

Our goal is to provide you value, not only with creating high quality paid elements, but also creating high quality FREE elements for your VFX library. This is why we set out to provide you with the upcoming Collection of Bullet Holes (for free!)