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7 Reasons VFX Artists Should Learn Adobe Aero

7 Reasons VFX Artists Should Learn Adobe Aero

Adobe Aero can help you create amazing AR experiences while harnessing a simplified UI.

As technology brings more novel experiences to the entertainment and commercial industries, significant ground has broken in the area of augmented reality. Now, anyone can create their own customized AR simulations without any coding.
Adobe Aero's interface.
With Adobe Aero, users have access to a simplified UI that allows creators to build everything from static AR experiences to incredibly complex ones with animation and interactivity. The capabilities are mind-blowing, and with the next generation of mixed reality headsets on the horizon, Adobe Aero is the perfect stepping stone into a new era of visual effects that may soon become commonplace in everyday life.

Here are seven reasons VFX artists should consider checking out Adobe Aero!

1 . It's a great entry point into AR

It's easy to write off learning new applications when there's a significant time investment involved to learn the program.

As you can see in the video below, Adobe Aero is simply as easy to use as opening an app on your phone!
It should be noted that although Aero projects are currently available for playback on iOS, the Android version is still in development.

2. It uses the Adobe ecosystem natively

Further eliminating barriers to entry, you can use Adobe Aero with tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects. This means you can even use pre-existing VFX assets you've already created, and seamlessly import them into your AR project.
In the example above, After Effects is used to create interactive AR characters that respond with animation and audio cues. 

In addition to Adobe apps, you can also bring in 3D models from any other source, as well.

3. It gives you a chance to showcase your work in a new way

Maybe you've got some scenes you've created that you're particularly proud of. With Adobe Aero, you can create an entire museum highlighting your best work. You can even bring in layered PSD files for immersive experiences with even the most simplistic scenes.

4. Your AR experiences can be shared with anyone

The aspect of sharing your work instantly with others gives you an incredibly interesting way to engage with prospective clients or employers. No downloads are necessary, just your link from Adobe Aero and a mobile iOS device.

You can also create QR codes to bring impressive AR enhancements to any printed material, including posters or your own business cards. Adobe Aero also allows you to use image anchors to bring a contextual foundation to your scene, so the possibilities are endless for merging the physical world with your AR creations.

5. You could easily add AR design to your skillset

As a creator or VFX artist, you already possess several skills that translate perfectly into the world of AR. Developing your abilities with AR could open up new avenues of revenue as a freelancer, or even new positions in the future.

6. You'll be one step ahead as the XR market grows

As VR, mixed reality (XR), and AR continue to evolve and find their way into the mainstream, demand will continue to increase for roles that specialize in this space. Learning AR now allows you to potentially have a competitive advantage in new positions that may arise in the future.

7. You can bring your own 3D models to set for pre-vis review and collaboration

We've discussed using Windows 10's mixed reality tools on set for live VFX pre-visualization, and Adobe Aero affords you the exact same capabilities, except in a much faster and more powerful way.

You could place a predefined image anchor in the middle of your set, then cast and crew could review custom 3D models for your project to scale and in real-time as you prep for your scene.

Of course, this technique is also a natural fit for building promotional experiences for your project, like in this awesome example:
To dive into Adobe Aero, you can download it now on the App Store, macOS, or Windows.

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